About Online Courses

Hello! I am the Ancient and Modern Greek language teacher Kyriakos Georgiades. My cooperators and I welcome you to our online platform. The title of our classes is Ancient and Modern Greek language, history, and culture courses for all ages. There are four options in order that you participate in our classes: the first one is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous online lessons.A synchronous online lesson is once a week. It includes online contact with the teacher, videos, pictures, a whiteboard, where the theory of every lesson is presented and occasional questions are answered. The asynchronous online lessons are lessons uploaded twice per month on Moodle educational app.They include whatever is taught during the synchronous online lessons and extra rich material regarding grammar, syntax, Ancient, Medieval or Modern Greek texts, poetry, prose, Divine Liturgy language, and many more.Every lesson includes videos, pictures, pdf files, word files, and a lot of exercises.This is the first option.

The second one is that you participate only in synchronous online lessons. There is one synchronous online lesson per week.

The third option is that you select to join only the asynchronous online lessons. They are uploaded twice a month. You have your personal password and you can log in,whenever you are available,  within the appointed fortnightand attend them.

Every lesson includes videos, pdf files, pictures, word files, and exercises. There are many units: grammar, syntax, Ancient, Medieval or Modern Greek texts, poetry, prose, and many more. You can also contact us daily either by phone or via e-mail or Social Media. Lastly, there will be a live online contact every four lessons for answering questions or for whatever subject you would like to discuss with us. This is the third option.

The fourth option is that you make a schedule of your lessons by yourself. You might opt for two or three synchronous online lessons per week or you might select a special subject, which only you are interested in. For instance, some students have chosen to be taught nothing else but Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone, whereas some others have selected to attend a series of lessons in Divine Liturgy language. This is the fourth option, where you can plan your personal programme. That is all in general.

You can find more info and details on our website www.gnomonpedia.com Of course, we are at your disposal for any clarification. You can contact us via the telephone number or e-mail address or through Social Media, which you can find on our website.We are waiting for you to join us in this beautiful and exciting journey through the Greek language and culture!