The students can log in the asynchronous online courses, whenever they would like.The asynchronous online courses contain similar units [Etymology, Grammar, Syntactics, Mythology, Prose, History, Poetry, tragedy, Musical Poems, Synaxaria (Lives of the Saints), Language of the Eastern Orthodox Church Divine Liturgy,Christian Hymns of the Eastern Orthodox Church] as the synchronous online ones, with  extra material in each one of them,as well as exercises, in video, audio, pdf, and word files and also in pictures.

The asynchronous online courses are held in the online education platform of Gnomon educational institute via Moodle educational app. The students can log in each lesson, using a password, whenever they would like (within the appointed fortnight) and attend it. In case you have questions or you need any clarification, you can contact us whenever you would like, either by phone or via e-mail or Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Moreover, there will be a regular online contact every four lessons (via Skype or Google hangouts).


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