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The value of role models (children do not listen to us: they imitate us)

There is nothing more powerful than a role model. When Aristotle remarks that man «μιμητικὸν ὄν ἐστι» = “is a mimetic creature”, he means the following: that men follow the lead which takes place in front of their very eyes. That means: mere words and advice may be useful, yet if there is an inconsistency between words and actions, then the effect of words is almost null. For instance, everyone of us, parents and teachers, agree that reading good literary

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Παιδεία (= education) has undergone a severe abuse both as a word and as a meaning throughout the ages. In our time many people associate it with the cognate wordἐκπαίδευση (= formal education). However, they are wrong. If we break up the compound word ἐκπαίδευση (=formal education), we will see that it consists of the preposition ἐκ, which means out, and of the ancient Greek noun παίδευσις (= education). That is to say, we come out of παιδεία (= education)

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Giorgos Seferis once said: “If we erase a piece of the past, it is as if we erase a piece of the future”. That has always been true, more so nowadays: knowledge of history is a necessary condition for people these days. History means knowledge. Without the knowledge of the past, we can neither understand thepresent nor prognosticate the future. During our courses an effort is being made, so that the children feel the pulse of the greatest events-attainments of

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ETYMOLOGY It is easily understandable that the etymology, that is the true origin of the words-names, is a basic axis in the mind activating attempt. As for the young children, it does not simply energise their mind, but also excites them and makes them have a live contact with reality. The words, the meanings, the items, everything makes sense, lights up, become understandable. Furthermore, the children become aware of the greatness of the Greek Language at first hand, are fascinated

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Critical question

 What do children do in their free time (that is when they are really free to do whatever they like)? The answer to that question will give us the crucial information about what really happens. If a child plays videogames or watches TV or plays with their mobile phone in their free time, then things are not easy. Everything shows that there is a type of addiction in that case, which can be proved by the boredom children feel (at

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