Critical question

 What do children do in their free time (that is when they are really free to do whatever they like)? The answer to that question will give us the crucial information about what really happens. If a child plays videogames or watches TV or plays with their mobile phone in their free time, then things are not easy. Everything shows that there is a type of addiction in that case, which can be proved by the boredom children feel (at best), when they are forced to part with gadgets even for a while.

On the other hand, if playing traditional games (on their own or with other children), reading literature or knowledge books, making things and doing“experiments”, going for a walk and communicating with  others are some of their choices, then things are good. And you will see that such a child can be and is as a student should be. That means that they like learning, they get excited about new information, they are open to new ideas, they are not bored, they have choices, and they ask questions. On the contrary, in the first case, they are called students in name only. They basically do not think learning is fascinating. That is why they rarely ask questions, they are easily mentally tired, and they find excuses, so that the others leave them alone.

Γεννήθηκε στή Θεσσαλονίκη τό 1970 καί μεγάλωσε στίς Σέρρες. Τό 1992 ὁλοκλήρωσε τίς σπουδές του στό τμῆμα Κλασσικῆς Φιλολογίας τοῦ Α.Π.Θ. Τήν διετία 1994-96 ἐργάστηκε στό Παπάφειο Ἵδρυμα Θεσσαλονίκης ὡς φιλόλογος καί παιδαγωγός...

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